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How to Plan ahead for LPC revision

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

By Samar Alam

With LPC revision season coming up, now is absolutely the best time to prepare yourself because long gone are the days of lengthy revision periods where you can cram everything into two weeks.

LPC Notes

Whilst you have the time now, look through your notes and make a list of any gaps in your notes. This could be from missing lectures or tutorials where you may not have done the work at the time, or perhaps you forgot to download the answers at the end of the session. Collate all this information and ensure you fill in these gaps over the next couple of weeks leading up to revision so that you can use the revision period effectively for revision and not doing the work you could have done prior to this. If you require LPC notes click here.

Understanding the Material

You may have your LPC notes sorted and organised, but did you understand the material the first-time round? With the LPC, it is super important to understand the topics due to the course being more practical than purely theoretical. You will be expected to apply the knowledge a lot more than you did during your undergraduate assessments. Go through the topics and check whether you understand the material, and if not, go through it again to make sure you get to a level where you could explain this to someone else if needed. You don’t necessarily need to revise it and memorise right now but having this understanding will help you during revision period so that you are not having to learn things for the first time two weeks before your exam.

LPC Timetable

Try to create a version of a timetable or timeline from now until your LPC exams. It might seem like you have plenty of time but time goes fast and term is still well underway with new material being taught on the course. This means you will have less time to study and learn the later topics than you did with the first ones, so you need to factor this into your timing to ensure you can spend enough time on all the topics before your exams. By creating a timetable, it will help you foresee any issues that could come up with timing and allow you to plan ahead to mitigate the issues.

Start LPC Revision

If you can, start to look over material from the first few weeks as you will have all the notes for these already. This allows you to get ahead of your revision, know what you need to spend more time on during official revision period, and lessen the pressure and stress in the lead up to LPC exams.

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