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Payment options

Note requests

We offer prepaid digital products and online services. We accepts payments made by credit or debit card. We can’t support purchase orders, payments by PayPal, or send you an invoice that requests payment.


You can request notes from our team via our chat or by emailing us. We are happy to accept note request and respond to each query in a reasonable time.

We don't print notes at the moment, however we are in the process of creating booklets for our products. Please check back in soon if this is something you would like to receive.


Although most of our digital products are in Word version, we are happy to offer you a PDF version which would help buyers get a better printout of the documents. If this is something you are interested in, please message or email us and we will be happy to send you a PDF version of the document.

PDF versions

We offer tuition services in relation to all different aspects of law and have a friendly team of experienced tutors teaching LNAT, LLB, LPC, SQE. Please reach out to me in the chat or book a session via our Tuition page if you are interested.

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