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Interview Preparation

Why to hire tutors?

Training contract and vacations scheme applicant numbers at an all time high.


Having a clear application that stands out is key in getting invited to the further stages of the application cycle. Our tutors have years of experience in helping training contract applicants with their application, tests, assessment centre and interview preparation.


We understand the process and help to fully prepare you by offering both advice and mock interviews.

Many of our clients have received training contracts at top law firms, and are now qualified solicitors.

Mock TC Interview

We offer mock interviews and this includes the research that you will need to carry out during the interview process. Our mock interview sessions include commercial questions and targeted feedback on how you could improve.

These sessions are priced at £75 per hour.

Please reach out to us in the chat and we will arrange a session for you.

Case Study Practice

In addition to our mock interview service, we also offer case study practice where our experienced tutors markup your practice case study and give you feedback on how to perform better. 

This costs £35 per case study markup and our tutors are also happy to give you a 30-minute online session for an additional £35 where you can ask them questions and receive an in-depth review of your case study work.

Please reach out to us in the chat and we will arrange a session for you.

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