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Top 5 Benefits of Law Tutoring for SQE & LPC Students

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

By Lily Edwards

These days, tutoring is becoming increasingly popular among LPC and SQE students. But what makes the tutoring experience so different to your SGSs and tutorials? I’ve outlined 5 of our top benefits of how having a tutor can improve your grades.

Consolidating and solidifying what you’ve learned in class

Reading and preparing for tutorials is undoubtedly helpful, and attending the tutorials is just as important. But sometimes, when you’ve got hundreds of pages of reading to do, it’s hard to really get to grips with that information. This is where tutoring can be helpful, to guide you on what is most important when it comes to exams and answering questions. No two students have the same learning style, and that’s why the tutoring experience is unique, as sessions are personalised to you, meaning your tutor will know your exact goals and what specific material you need to cover to achieve these goals. It’s in this way that having a tutor is a different experience to group classes, as having detailed and focused conversations with not only provides the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of material in context, but more importantly, directly prepares you for exams and assessments.

Steering clear of the peer pressure in group tutorials

As law students, it’s no secret that there is pressure within the industry, sometimes even in class. Some students thrive in this environment, but others find it harder to answer questions and learn in this way. Tutoring eliminates any feelings of peer pressure, as the goal is to help you improve in a non-judgmental manner. This is achieved by listening to you and creating a safe space for you to ask all the questions you’d like. Generally, as students excel and improve in law tutoring sessions, this builds self-confidence and can even be motivation to contribute more in class, and feel less pressure during exam season.

Learning when it suits you

We all know that studying for the SQE is a huge time commitment, which for some of us is not the only commitment we have. Balancing studying, employment and day to day life is not easy. That’s the beauty of tutoring, it works on your terms. This is a key reason why it is so beneficial, as sessions can be tailored to your schedule so you can make the most of your time and maximise learning, no matter how busy life gets! Online tutoring is even more beneficial as the flexibility means you can learn from anywhere, as long as you have internet!

Learning at your own pace

Taking notes in class and trying to comprehend all the material covered is enough of a challenge, meaning often we only think of questions later on when we review material. Tutoring is a great opportunity for you to ask as many questions as needed to get to grips with a topic. Not only this, but the one-to-one environment means your tutor will recognise your style of learning and understand how you absorb information. This personal aspect is makes tutoring particularly helpful, as information is explained in a way to ensure your understanding is concrete by the end of a session.

Specific Knowledge

One of the biggest benefits of tutoring while doing the SQE & LPC is a focus on exam specific content. Exams are overwhelming and knowing where to start with preparation is one of the biggest hurdles. Tutoring can help you digest the information you learn in class in a way that helps you perform to the best of your ability in your exams. Having the opportunity to talk to someone who knows the subject and exam style inside out can save a lot of time, and stress that you would spend trying to understand it alone. This also means that tutoring for just one module will help you pick up study skills along the way which can be used towards other modules and exams.

Final thoughts

The list goes on, but these are the top benefits in our opinion. Whether your aim is to build confidence, or practise for exams it is undeniable that tutoring can help in more ways than one. So why not give it a try!

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