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LPC Legacy Notes – Are They Worth It?!

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

By Samar Alam

You’re probably reading this because you’ve been looking for good LPC revision notes to purchase and wondering what makes them good, are they worth it and how to best use them. You’re in the right place.

Do your research

Look at different notes available and compare. A lot of them will give you a preview of what a few pages look like, use this to see if this format is complementary to your learning style as formatting can play a big part in how you take information in during revision.

Pay close attention to reviews! This is a big one for legacy notes as you are placing a lot of trust in a stranger to have completed a good set of notes that cover the curriculum. For the LPC, this is a whole lot of trust to place as you don’t want to be on edge about the notes you have spent money on about whether you think they are actually good or not. Look through the reviews, make sure they are consistent reviews and also that they are recent because exams are cyclical, and you want to make sure that a recent cohort have used these notes and found them useful in their studying.

Make sure the notes cover the curriculum for your course provider. Whilst a lot of the topics overlap across various LPC programmes, some topics do differ in their material and teaching so ensure that the notes you are buying cover the topics you will be examined on and that they have been updated with the most recent laws and regulations that may have changed since the last cycle.


LPC Legacy notes should not cost an arm and a leg. Yes, the seller of the notes has spent time on these notes but it also a low-cost business, so you don’t want to feel like you are getting ripped off. Normally you can get good bundle deals for purchasing multiple notes so consider doing this if you know you will want them to cover all your modules.

Supplementary, not alternative

Try to think of legacy notes as supplementary material to your learning as opposed to the only notes you will have or use. There are different types of notes such as ones that cover all course material that are hundreds of pages, or ones that focus on revision so will be condensed. Depending on which option you go for, remember to adapt them by adding to the notes thing you may not have understood or changing certain elements to suit your needs.

For example, Brigitte’s LPC revision notes are great for revision and examination purposes as they condense huge modules into X number of pages which might seem impossible to do. They cover everything for the exam but if you are looking at these notes with no prior knowledge and thinking you will get a distinction, you will be disappointed as they work on the basis that you fundamentally understand the concepts so the notes aid in putting these concepts into summaries so you are able to revise effectively without being overwhelmed by bundles of pages that you can’t get through.

How best to use LPC legacy notes

If you have decided that you want to use LPC legacy notes and followed the steps above, now think about how best they will work for you.

Read them, make note of things you might not understand, add to these sections, or reword to suit your language. Highlight, tab and organise them so you are able to quickly find sections during revision and open book exams. Brigitte’s notes are great for open book exams where you are time pressured so cannot flick through hundreds of pages so by making sure you have tabbed them appropriately; you’ll save a lot of time if you do need to refer to them in the exam.

If you have your own notes alongside legacy notes, make sure to cross reference things that you might want to link together. There might be a slight mention of a topic in the legacy notes that you have explained further in your own notes, make sure to cross reference this so you can quickly go to the right place.

LPC legacy notes can be brilliant for time saving during a very time pressured and overwhelming degree. If used effectively, they can really aid your learning and revision so if you are choosing to use this method, make sure the LPC revision notes you purchase work for you!

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