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How to stay motivated on the LPC

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

By Samar Alam

The LPC requires a lot of self-motivation. Most of the work is done through watching lectures, reading material and preparing for the tutorials by completing activities. The tutorials mostly act as an opportunity to go through these activities with a tutor who can support and answer any questions you may have on that week’s topic. This should give you an idea that you need to buckets full of self-motivation.

Remember your ‘why’

This is the most important one for me. Remember why you are doing this. Maybe it is just to learn the modules on the LPC, perhaps you are applying for training contracts now, or you have secured a training contract and need a certain grade to continue in your legal career? Whatever the reason, keep it close to your heart throughout the LPC as there will many times you might find it overwhelming or difficult and question why you are doing all this work.

Remind yourself of your ‘why’ and that this is only a small period of your life which will get you to the end goal of your ‘why’.

Do your work on time

The LPC becomes hard if you start falling behind because the content waits for no-one. This then requires even more motivation to catch up. So, by staying up to date on the prep and work required for each week, it means that you don’t need to get extra stressed or give up any more time than necessary each week to do the work.

Talk with your peers

Talk to your peers who are also in the same boat as you. It can be really helpful to talk things through, share ideas or event just sometimes vent about a situation. These are the people who understand the position you’re in and they will be feeling similar feelings and having similar thoughts so speak to each other throughout the process to encourage and motivate one another.

Be organised with your time

Motivation often comes in short bursts. This is why it is important to be organised with your time because feeling motivated and then procrastinating for another hour means by the time you get to doing your work, the motivation will have run out and you’re back to square one. Try to work efficiently so that you’re not spending longer than necessary on certain tasks and reading. Dragging out work can often lead to demotivation so block out time for tasks and do them efficiently so you’re able to have free time during your day.

Schedule in fun

The LPC isn’t a prison sentence. It is a course and it can definitely be interesting and challenging without taking over your whole life. If you followed the steps above such as staying on track with your work and being organised with your time, you will have free time that you should use to have fun.

This will really help with motivation as you will know that you worked hard during the week and deserve a well-earned break. Once you’ve had the fun, you will feel motivated again to work.

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