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10 Tips for Law Students: Restarting After Summer

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

By Lily Edwards

Having time off between term time is great and is essential for you to rest. But if you feel stressed about getting back into the routine of studying and learning when term starts again, you’re not alone! It’s completely normal to feel a little off balance, and we’ve got some tips to help you feel better about getting back into routine.

Planning – Buy a planner.

Suddenly having classes and deadlines after time off can be overwhelming. One thing that can help is writing all your classes, deadlines, and social plans down so you can physically see what you have to do. Buying yourself a nice planner is a great way to make this more enjoyable!

Talk to your peers

It’s likely that you’re not alone in feeling a little overwhelmed, so talking to your peers will help to put your mind at ease. Plan to meet up with friends, not just to study but to socialise, as its important to have things on your schedule that you enjoy!

Consider getting a law tutor

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the content and volume of your work, then getting a tutor could help. Your tutor will be able to advise you on which information is the most important and help you to understand aspects you’re struggling with which will save you time. A tutor can also recommend study techniques to make your time most effective.

Don’t skip class

This one seems simple, but don’t skip class! Your effort during the first few weeks usually reflects the rest of the term. We know first-hand that it’s not easy to get yourself to every lecture, but in the first few weeks its crucial to give 100% as this will naturally form routine and help to structure your day. Missing a class here and there is normal, but don’t let it become a habit as this is one of the most common ways of falling behind.

Familiarise yourself with workspaces

One tip when you’re trying to get into a routine is to explore new places to study. Whether that be a workspace on campus, or a coffee shop in town – getting to grips with doing a little bit of work every day will be more enjoyable if you switch up where you go, as it feels less of a chore and gets you out of the house.

Make friends in your new classes

As said before, it’s likely you’re not the only one finding it hard to get into routine, and people in your classes as well as your friends struggle, too. A new term means new chances to make friends and making friends in your classes is a great way to fall into routine. For example, planning to go for coffee after class could give you both that extra motivation to make it to the 9am Monday lecture!

Study groups/societies

Another way to stay social when getting into routine is to join study groups. Have a look on your university Facebook (‘overheard’) group and see what’s advertised. You could also join a society relating to something you’re interested in, as societies usually run study groups – so you could study with people who you share something in common with.

Bedtime & wake up time

This one is difficult to stick to, but one pivotal aspect of getting into routine is waking up and going to sleep at set times. It doesn’t have to mean waking up and going to bed extremely early, but should instead be focused on getting enough sleep, and sticking to a bedtime and wake up time. One thing that can help enforce this is having breakfast and dinner at roughly the same time too, as this adds structure to your day.

Make time for you

One of the most important tips is to make time for yourself. A routine is only productive if it is realistic, which means you must do things you enjoy alongside your studies. Balance is key, and you’re more likely to stick to a routine that is balanced but productive rather than an unrealistic, jam-packed schedule that will only last a few weeks and leave you burnt out.

Finally… Don’t Panic!

It’s easier said than done, but it has to be said. One way to reassure yourself is to think that you’ve done this before; whether it was between school years or university years, this isn’t the first time you have had to get back into routine, so you can do it again!

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