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Core modules

The four core modules are the most challenging modules on the LPC. We see many students struggle, wanting to drop out, due to the high volume of required reading and limited help that is available.

Please don't give up, the course will get easier as it progresses. You can always reach out to us and get personalised help. Please have a look at our tuition page.

The importance of having a strategy:

You need to have the right strategy to survive the course and an even better one to actually do well on it. Keep a steady flow of checklists to make sure that you cover all the areas you need to cover for each module.


It's best to spend an hour or two making a list of all the topics you need for each module and skills, then allocate a specific time period for each, to make sure you cover everything in time for your exams.

Here is an example what your study planner could look like on a 1-day rest schedule. How this is arranged will largely depend on your and your SGSs.

The way this was created is by taking a screenshot of an online calendar. I've then pasted this into a word document and added text boxes over it in different colour. These text boxes fill up the planner, forming a timetable. You can always drag these around, change the colours and change the topic you will be learning as needed.

Screenshot 2023-10-21 at

Why to use good resources?

The university materials tend to be lengthy and it is hard to see the structure and how the different topics interrelate without the use of good guides. I have put together as many resources as possible, and I am still in the process of writing new ones.

It is not enough that you use revision notes, you will also need to be practicing what you learn in the form of practice questions. This is why I have been adding more and more practice and sample questions to the website this year.

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