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Debt Finance Revision notes for the LPC optimised for BPP University students. Also suitable for other universities.


Includes the following:

1. Loan procedure

2. Drafting a loan agreement, including events of default

3. Drafting a debenture document

4. Securities

5. Bonds, including listings procedure, issuing a bond

6. Structural subordination

7. Financial assistance


Page count: 24 pages

Word count: 22,000+ words


*Please note that we are not able to respond to any queries/questions regarding this product. Should you require tuition, please book a session on our booking page.*


Why to waste money on notes that simply replicate the materials you receive in class? These Revision notes have been restructured and optimised for exams. I have spent months simplifying the material to make sure that they are easy to understand using a structured step-by-step guide and  clear table formats.


These notes are as concise as they can possibly be to make studying for exams quicker while summarising all SGS course content so you don't have to when you are already pressed for time. You will also find these notes extremely helpful when you begin your term -  you can use them as a guide so you know which points to focus on before you even begin.


You will receive a zip file including a Word and PDF document when you make a purchase.

LPC Debt Finance Revision notes 2024